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Sql statement 2nd largest oracle
Sql statement 2nd largest oracle

Sql statement 2nd largest oracle

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sql largest oracle statement 2nd

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Apr 30, 2013 - so in our emp table(default provided by oracle) here is the output. SQL to find the Nth highest salary should work in SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, Jan 19, 2012 - Which of these queries is better for finding the second highest row in a table? Answer: As you have see, you can write a SQL statement many how to find second largest number or salary through a query in sql. Write a SQL query to get the second highest salary from the table above. help in In oracle we can achieve using Rownum keyword in the query. EMPNO This query works in SQL*PLUS to find out the 2nd Highest Salary - Jun 26, 2012 - i have a table like this. i want to get the 2nd max salary with duplicate values also empid empname salary 1 srinivas 20000 3 suresh 20000 Answer: To retrieve the second highest salary from a salary table, you could run the following query: (please note that the subquery is sorted in descending order) Sep 16, 2006 - SQL - How to find Nth largest or Nth smallest data from oracle table, query select * from(select ename,sal from emp order by sal desc) where hi I am looking for query to select nth highest salary from emplouee SQL> SELECT empno, 2 ename, 3 sal, 4 deptno 5 FROM emp 6 ORDERDec 22, 2012 - In this section we will write SQL query to get second highest salary of all database including Oracle, MySQL, Sybase and SQL Server as they Aug 28, 2008 - What is the simplest SQL query to find the second largest integer value in a specific column? In Microsoft SQL the first way is twice as fast as the second, even if .. sql query to find second not null value in a table (oracle).
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