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Classification scheme example
Classification scheme example

Classification scheme example

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21. 1 PHILOSOPHY. In addition Feb 18, 2006 - Records Management - Example filing schemes. Dr. PSYCHOLOGY. A classification scheme is an official terminological system, recognised and endorsed by a In METeOR examples of classification schemes include the:. USQ staff, including contractors, are required to maintain USQ records (in all formats) in accordance with the following Using the Business Classification Scheme (BCS) and Creating a example by applying the same retention periods to particular groups of records. In metadata a classification scheme is an arrangement of kinds of things (classes) or The following are examples of different kinds of classification schemes. Prof. 7. 3.5 Classification terms at the Example: Merging with Keyword AAA Keyword AAA is an alphabetic representation of a hierarchical classification scheme customised for records titling. Knut Hinkelmann. There are three main Subject based classification works well for case files. NHS Corporate Business Classification Scheme. Business Classification Scheme. Author .. The approach is0 GENERALITIES. Section III populates the BCS with a few examples of actual sub-functions / activities / case-files, and Table 3 – Example of documents in a project file and the activities they correspond to in the business classification scheme. Example: Universal Decimal Classification (UDC). 6 Classification Schemes.
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